How Coin Works

Coin is a location-based rewards app that lets you earn money for walking, driving, and other physical activities. You can then redeem your Coin for a variety of digital and physical items like Bluetooth speakers, digital currencies, and even cash. While there are tons of apps that collect your geospatial data, almost none give you anything in return for it. Coin is different because it lets you earn cash, gift cards, or crypto for your valuable activity.

Spare change can add up quickly, and it’s not always easy to get rid of a bag of pennies or dimes. But cashing in that change can help you get rid of that clutter, or just give you a little extra spending money. There are several ways to get your coins out of that piggy bank or coin jar, and most of them cost nothing (or just a small fee).

A circulating coin begins its life as an idea, when Congress tells the U.S. Mint to make a new one by passing a law. Once the coin design is finalized, workers start turning it into reality.

The round discs are punched out of a metal sheet, then heated and washed to soften them. Next, they pass through a machine that presses them together, and workers inspect the blanks to ensure they are free of flaws. Finally, the coin gets a picture or symbol on it and some text called an inscription. It’s then minted, and shipped to banks across the country so they can enter circulation.

Once the coins enter circulation, they begin to be passed around from store to person over and over again, until they’re used up. But the mint only makes so many coins each year. More than 80% of the total number of coins in circulation comes from people re-using old ones.

COIN is a simple, intuitive app that allows you to earn passively by walking or driving. The app offers a variety of ways to earn, including completing rewarded surveys, participating in sweepstakes, and joining a TeamLift with other users to geomine more efficiently. There are also a few extras, like watching videos and referring friends, to boost your earnings. But in order to really start making money, you need to use the app a lot. If you’re a regular, it can pay off in a big way.